About Whitney Morris:

Whitney Morris created Zen Den while on the latest leg of her journey a home stager and interior designer. She wondered if there could be more to a space than just beauty and ascetics. She’s always been more interested in her clients, what they want out of life, and how she can design spaces that make them feel the most at peace.  Her ability to sense energy combine well with her mastery in adjustments, re-organization and directing energy within a room. Whether it is with color, pattern, texture or light, She can help you create a room that will bring more harmony and joy into your space.  Using various modalities including but not limited to: Feng Shui (the ancient art of spacial arrangement), lighting (to enhance mood), color (therapy)... Zen Den will create an oasis specific to you and your needs.  The goal of each Zen Den is to create a space where you get to create your true expression of who you are.

Cinque Terre

WHY Zenden Designs?

Zenden Designs is a full-service interior design company. From a personal at home consultation to e-design renderings to custom designs, Zenden strives to create a space that you can call home. From large scale remodels to quick fix-me-ups, we are here to cater to your personal needs.